Ways to Avail Owner Builder Courses in WA

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ways of owner builder courses

An owner builder is a person who takes the responsibility for any building work carried out on their land or property. Their work may include any supervision or co-ordination required during construction, alteration or repair of the dwellings. As an owner builder, you need to apply for building permits, ensure that the construction work meets building regulations and guidelines and also ensure the work is completed on schedule. However, before all that you need to apply for an owner builder course.

To become an owner builder in Western Australia, you need to get an endorsement from the Building Services Board by completing the course before you can apply for a license from the local government. The owner builder education course will help you to develop skills and give you the training and knowledge to successfully undertake or oversee any owner builder activities. The course will train you to take up tasks that require a certain knowledge. Moreover, you will have the basic Work Health and Safety (WHS) knowledge and be able to ensure the construction process is safe and environment-friendly as mandated under legislative requirements.

There are various owner builder courses offered in Western Australia. These are vital for you to learn and understand how to minimize any possible mistakes and save money. This post shall take a quick look at some of the ways to avail owner builder courses in WA:


Some of the better owner builder courses in WA are provided online. The study material is in the form of downloadable PDFs that are convertible and mark able. The assessment of online owner builder courses is through self-assessed quizzes consisting of multiple choice questions, match-type questions and short answer questions. Your answers are automatically evaluated in real time once you have completed the test. Once you attain the required marks necessary to clear the test, you become qualified to apply for an owner builder license.


Owner builder course is also offered through the workshop learning mode. This is very helpful because the knowledge you acquire about building construction through theories can be put into practice. You can learn realistic lessons that help you understand practical problems. The courses are offered by various institutions who are committed to delivering the most comprehensive and economical training to owner builders. These courses are available in different languages to cater to the requirement of every aspirant.


In this method, the course is taught through correspondence. You can post, email or even fax in your answers for the tests. This method is suitable for areas that do not have or have limited internet connectivity and also no workshop-type classrooms.

You can use any of the three ways to avail owner builder courses in WA. Look for options available and get started on your way to build your own home.

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