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Hello Owner Builder in sunny Queensland 🙂

Welcome to The Owner Builder Club – here to simplify the process for you.

But where to begin?

Is owner building even for you?

If you're at the very early stage in the process, now's the time to think through if owner building is for you.

  • can you afford it?
  • do you need finance?
  • how does finance work for owner building?
  • do you have the time?
  • how about the skills?

If you need help answering these questions, CLICK HERE to find out more about our  short online course that by the end, will have you going confidently in the right direction for YOU.

How does one start an owner builder project?

This is where we've really done the work for you and developed a comprehensive checklist of all the preliminary steps required to get you to the build.

CLICK HERE to find out more!

Do you need an owner builder permit?

In QLD, if the value of the work is over $11,000 then yes, you need an owner builder permit and that means doing the state government required owner builder course.

Where to do your owner builder permit course?

More great news! The research has been. We critiqued 12 owner builder course providers across Australia and are super confident to recommend Absolute Education.

Itching to get the permit course done and dusted?

Simply click on ‘Get Started' below, complete a few basic details and either the lovely Gemma or Peter will complete the pieces of the puzzle for you.

NOTE: The course cost is $185.00 payable when you pass (psst, everyone passes!).

Let Gemma and Peter know we've sent you by adding the code, OBC at Step 4 in the registration process.


Due to recent changes in legislation QLD Owner Builders technically do not require a White Card (General Construction Induction Card) to get an Owner Builder permit.

HOWEVER. If you're planning to do any type of building/construction work yourself, you will be deemed a worker and therefore under the Work Health and Safety Regulation, you DO require a General Construction Card.

The Regulation was updated as at June 2022.


If you're in the early stages of research, we highly recommend you first speak with your local Council planning department (see link below).

When you've decided to go ahead + the OB course is complete (and White Card if required) + the design plans are done + you have costings, here's what you do:

  • Apply for an Owner Builder permit through the Qld Building and Construction Commission (refer state link below)
  • This permit process requires you to know your material and labour costs
  • Once the receipt for the permit is issued, you're ready to get the required building approvals (Development Application) BEFORE work can commence.
  • You can do this via your local Council or a private Certifier.
  • The building development approval will indicate what inspections MUST occur at different stages of the build.

Follow this link for state government info – click here.

Find your local Council – click here.