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Top tips when taking out Owner Builder Insurance

Owner Builders remember – as an Owner Builder, you’re taking on the responsibility of a builder so that means you’re taking on the responsibility of managing a safe and secure work site.

So here are our top tips when it comes to Owner Builder Insurance:

  1. Don’t dismiss insurance even if you’re doing a small project. It’s simply not worth the risk.
  2. If renovating your existing home as an owner builder, don’t assume your existing home contents insurance will cover you because it won’t.
  3. If you can, take out the maximum amount of insurance for your build especially with Public Liability. Greater peace of mind if anything does go wrong.
  4. Some owner builder insurance policies expire after one year. Be sure to check with your provider what happens after one year. Do they offer flexibility to extend? If so, for how long?
  5. Ask your Insurance provider if Worker’s Compensation is required for your job. This will depend on whether you’re contracting to a Sole Trader (one man band) or Pty Ltd contractor.
  6. Think about Volunteers Insurance to cover those friends and family who are generous enough to help you.
  7. It’s just as important to understand the exclusions of an insurance policy, as it is the inclusions.
  8. Understand the terms and conditions of a policy!

And two extra tips for good luck:

  1. Ask a tradesperson to provide their Certificate of Insurance or a Certificate of Currency (as it’s sometimes called) showing their insurance is paid and up-to-date – it’s smart!
  2. If sub-contracting to a Pty Ltd contractor, check their Workers Comp policy is up-to-date. If it’s expired and a worker is injured, it’s the worker who can claim against you.

If you want a super quick on-the-spot insurance quote – click here. You won't be diverted to another website, the amount will pop-up on your screen.

Happy researching, planning and building 😊

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