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The Owner Builder Club likes to dot our I’s and cross our T’s and that means that getting a written contract in place with tradespeople is a no brainer. It could be that you use the quote as long as it's detailed enough.

We've outlined the key areas that should be covered in a contract here:

  • Identity of the parties – details of you and the tradesperson
  • Price – make sure GST is included as required
  • Variations – how to handle variations should they arise
  • Time and delays – this is where you agree on a completion date factoring in delays i.e. a penalty clause linked to a completion date
  • Ending the contract – if a tradesperson defaults on their current (let’s hope not), include a clause about how to end the contract


Like the design brief, make sure you include everything you want done by the tradesperson. If it’s not in the contract/quote, it won’t be done.


Don’t sign a contract until you are absolutely crystal clear on the content including the fine print!


Don’t let tradespeople make you think you don’t need a contract! That’s a red flag!