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The Owner Builder Club likes to dot our I’s and cross our T’s and that means that getting written contracts in place with tradespeople is a no brainer.

The topic of contracts should be covered in the OB course however, we’ve also outlined the key areas that should be covered in a contract:

  • Identity of the parties – details of you and the tradesperson
  • Price – make sure GST is included as required
  • Variations – how to handle variations should they arise
  • Time and delays – this is where you agree on a completion date factoring in delays i.e. a penalty clause linked to a completion date
  • Owner builder Insurance
  • Ending the contract – if a tradesperson defaults on their current (let’s hope not), include a clause about how to end the contract


Like the design brief, make sure you include everything you want done by the builder. If it’s not in the contract, it won’t be done.


Don’t sign a contract until you are absolutely crystal clear on the content including the fine print!


Don’t let tradespeople make you think you don’t need a contract! That’s a red flag!