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How much does it cost to owner build

Imagine how disappointed you’d be if you got halfway through your build and ran out of money?
Or worse, you need to sell an incomplete home because it’s near impossible to fund the finish?

Home Owner Builder

The team at The Owner Builder Club LOVES this part of the process. It’s where creative juices really start to flow.

Owner Builder construction loan

When applying for an owner builder loan, banks are looking for detail.
They will require the job to have quotes for all trades & products. The other requirement by the bank is for the client to have funds to cover 20% of the build cost…


It’s compulsory in some states to complete an Owner Builder course in order to obtain an Owner Builder Permit. The Owner Builder Club is big on knowledge being power (we write this often) so if you reside in a state where it’s not compulsory, we HIGHLY recommend that you still consider doing one.

NSW Owner Builder Licence

The requirements to obtain a permit differ by state so again, you need to understand what these are depending on the state you’re building in.
If you hover over the Pre-Plan tab on the menu bar, simply select ‘Where to Find More Information’.

Owner Builder Insurance NSW

The various insurance policies you’re required to obtain will vary from state to state.

Owner Builder ACT

The Owner Builder Club likes to dot our I’s and cross our T’s which means getting written contracts in place with tradespeople is a no brainer.


Are you sick of hearing our mantra knowledge is power? We’re sorry. No not sorry.
Because it’s our job to ensure you’re really well informed in all areas of being an
Owner Builder.