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Hello Owner Builder in Victoria 🙂

Welcome to The Owner Builder Club – here to simplify the process for you.

But where to begin?

Is owner building for you?

If you're at the very early stage in the process, now's the time to think through if owner building is for you:

  • can you afford it?
  • do you need finance?
  • how does finance work for owner building?
  • do you have the time?
  • how about the skills?

If you need help answering these questions, CLICK HERE to find out more about our  short online course that by the end, will have you going confidently in the right direction for YOU.

How does one start an owner builder project?

We love nothing more than helping owner builders simplify the process. It's why we developed a comprehensive checklist of all the steps required to get you to the build.

CLICK HERE to find out more.

Do you need an owner builder Certificate of Consent?

In Victoria, if the value of the work is over $16,000 then yes, you need an owner builder Certificate of Consent.

How to get your owner builder Certificate of Consent?

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has an e-learning assessment that you MUST complete. The assessment is based on information provided by the VBA in their Owner Builder Study Guide.

You have to complete this assessment before you can apply for an Owner Builder Certificate of Consent.

How to get the owner builder certificate of consent?

  • Check your eligibility for becoming an owner-builder
  • Download and read the owner builder information and study guide
  • Create an eLearning account and successfully complete the assessment
  • Complete construction induction training and obtain a white card (if required) – refer to the below
  • Register as a user with VBA360
  • Start your application and save it as a draft
  • Complete your application and upload the required documentation
  • Check all of your answers carefully
  • Press ‘submit' and pay for your application
  • Track your progress on VBA360.

Here's the link to the VBA to complete the process – click here.

What supporting documentation is required?

  • proof of identity with photo, e.g. driver's licence or passport
  • proof of ownership
  • Specific documentation is required in these instances- 1) if the land is privately owned by the applicant and co-owners 2) if the applicant or a co-owner have changed their name since the Title was issued 3) if the land is owned by a company or owners corporation 4) if the land is owned by a Trust.

Construction induction training (also known as a White Card).

This covers off safety on a work site AND you need it to support your application for a Certificate of Consent from the VBA. The VBA have a recommended list of providers.

So let's summarise what you need to do:

  1. Complete the mandatory VBA owner builder training course – click here.
  2. Complete your Construction Induction training (White Card) – click here.

It doesn't matter which course you do first, as long as you've completed both prior to applying for your Certificate of Consent from the VBA.


A little extra…

If you're right at the start of the process, an excellent starting point is always with your local Council (see link below) because you need to know local Council approvals e.g. Development Application, Planning Approval.

Here's a summary of the process you'll follow once you've spoken to Council and design plans are underway:

  • Once you complete the VBA eLearning Assessment (and Construction Induction), you're ready to apply for the owner builder Certificate of Consent from the VBA via their application process (link below).
  • When you have the Certificate of Consent, it's time to apply for a Building Permit.
  • The permit can be either through a Building Surveyor or local Council. Just check if you need a Planning Permit before applying.
  • Once the permit is in place, you're ready to build!

Follow this link to the VBA for more information – click here.

Follow this link to find your local Council – click here.