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Owner Builders Checklist in Western Australia

Owner Builders Checklist in Western Australia

Whether you're renovating your home or planning to build from scratch, taking the time to understand the requirements of doing the work yourself is a great place to start.

The first thing you need to determine is this – the $$ value of the work you'd like to carry out.

In WA, if it's over $20,000 then that's when you need to go through the process of becoming an Owner Builder in WA.

Becoming an Owner Builder can be a very rewarding process as long as you have the time, patience, project management skills, good budget management and great communication!

As a starting point, here's an overview of what's required:

Becoming an Owner Builder in WA

  • If the project value exceeds $20,000, you're required to apply for approval through the Building Services Board.
  • You need to do the above BEFORE you can apply for a building permit.
  • Stay with us here because – to get your approval and building permit, you first need to complete an Owner Builder course (you need proof of this for the application).

HOWEVER. Don't get overwhelmed because we've done some work for you.

  1. Owner Builder course information – click here.
  2. Owner Builder approval form – click here.
  3. Owner Builder Building Permit – click here.

Now for the checklist:

  1. Decide if you really want to become an Owner Builder.
  2. Get an idea of the costs to build and if you have the $$'s to do it – email us at hello@theownerbuilderclub.com.au to claim a free Budget Planner (it's a great start).
  3. Gather pictures, visit display homes, think about your lifestyle and what's important to you in the design of a home. Click here to learn more about the design process.
  4. Bring your vision to life by engaging an architect or draftsperson.
  5. Get a cost estimate based on the plans – ask your Architect or engage a Quanity Surveyor.
  6. Do your Owner Builder course with Absolute Education (per the link above).
  7. Apply to become an Owner Builder (per the above).
  8. Get an Owner Builder Permit (per the above).
  9. Get all necessary insurances including Home Indemnity Insurance – click here for a full overview of insurance.
  10. Get organised! More on this will be available from us shortly!
  11. Finally, join our growing community of Owner Builders – click here.

Yes, we hear you, how many links can one article contain!! Just keep this window open and keep coming back 🙂

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