Owner Builder Insurance in Australia - The Owner Builder Club

One thing we're quite clear on here at The Owner Builder Club is that it's our job to get our hands dirty and do as much as the research as possible for our growing community of Owner Builders.

And we've done exactly that with the Insurance aspect of owner building.

We did a Q&A with Mark Adams at Allrisk Insurance and let's just say we learnt a great deal!

Mark shared many, many things but the thing that struck us most is when he said this –

“If you asked a Registered Builder about having insurance, they'd say it's crazy to not have it. You have to remember that as an Owner Builder you're taking on the responsibilities of a builder and that includes the risks”.

Do yourself a favour and take 5 to 8 minutes to read the full Q&A. It really does cover just about everything you should know about Owner Builder Insurance.

Click here for the Q&A and if you're interested in a quote from Allrisk, it's as simple as completing the super short form below (takes one minute!).


Accept that you're carrying out the duties of a Registered Builder. And like we said, no sane builder would build without Insurance and neither should you.


Understand whether your tradespeople should have their own insurances. Ask for their certificates and make sure they’re current! Again, check out our Q&A as Mark goes in-depth on this one (it's important you learn about it).