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Meet the Dream Team Behind The Owner Builder Club

Your Vision. Your Home. Your Way.

Who We Are

Hey there! We're Anthony and Liz, the husband and wife dream team behind The Owner Builder Club hailing from the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

With a whopping  33 years experience dealing with builders and owner builders in our hire business for builders, we've seen it all. But not only do we have experience in the biz, we've tackled three property renovations as hands-on, enthusiastic owners who just love getting involved in the action!

Back in 2016, Anthony had a moment. He realised that owner builders in Australia were struggling to find reliable, informative and relevant info all in one spot. So together, with our love of building, renovating and helping people, we rolled up our sleeves and decided to fix that. And voila, The Owner Builder Club was born!

What We Do

Fast forward to today, and The Owner Builder Club is thriving!

We've created three fantastic online resources that guide you through every step of the build process. Crafted with guidance from two seasoned registered Australian builders, from deciding if owner building is for you right through to nailing down the build process by stage. These resources are your secret weapon to a smooth and successful build.

But wait, there's more. We’ve partnered with an approved training organisation AND a trusted owner builder insurance provider, all tailored to make your journey more simplified.

How We Help

We're not afraid to get our hands dirty! We're deep in the trenches, meticulously researching every aspect of owner building so you don’t have to.

Whether you're just starting out, hunting for course info, looking into insurance, or doing some thorough research by browsing our articles, we've got you covered. We’ve curated all the info to make your owner-builder journey a whole lot easier because, let's face it, this process can get pretty complex. You’ll find everything from state specific information and owner builder permits to budgeting tips.

Most importantly, our private Facebook group has skyrocketed from just one member to a bustling community of over 9,000 enthusiastic owner builders. It’s a super engaged, incredibly supportive space where you’ll find all the advice, tips, and camaraderie you need.

Join us and be part of the excitement!

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