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Who we are - Owner Builder Club Australia
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About Us


The Owner Builder Club was founded in Australia in 2018 with the sole intention of helping Owner Builders simplify the build process.

We have 27 years experience dealing with builders and owner builders so it means we understand that becoming an Owner Builder involves large doses of time, energy and money. Your time. Your energy. Your money. We should also mention patience!

But seriously, The Owner Builder Club is here for your benefit. Through the information we provide and our growing community we want to help make your experience that little bit easier and more enjoyable because let’s be honest, it’s a complex process.

Whether you’re considering building a new home from the ground up or extending or renovating a current one, The Owner Builder Club site has been designed to support you at each stage.

The small team behind The Owner Builder Club are serious about providing a really comprehensive site.

To do this, we need your feedback. We genuinely want to hear about your experience, the good and not so good. We want you to tell us things like – what information was missing? What do you wish we provided? What did you have to go searching for elsewhere?

Simply send us an email , we'd love to hear from you.