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The Building Process

Are you sick of hearing our mantra knowledge is power? We’re sorry. No. Not sorry.

Because it’s our job to ensure you’re really well informed in all areas of being an Owner Builder.

The good news?

Our laser like focus on simplifying the build process for Owner Builders and our mission to have you thinking like a builder and acting like a builder is why we created our Free Tool.


  1. Preliminary checklist to become an Owner Builder
  2. Trades and Materials checklist
  3. Quality checklists
  4. And most importantly, the build sequence!

The best part? It's broken down into the stages of build:

Stage One: The foundation

Stage Two: The frame

Stage Three: The lock-up

Stage Four: The internal fit-out

Stage Five: The external fit-out

And Completion.

We're currently working with Neil, a Melbourne based builder, to expand and improve the tool. We're also doing Q&A's with Neil that will be posted on our Q&A page.

There is seriously no reason why you shouldn't get access, so click here now!