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Hello Owner Builder in NSW!

Yes, doing an owner builder course AND a white card course is mandatory in NSW.

Here's the good news.

We've done the research for you. We critiqued 12 owner builder course providers across Australia and we were happy to partner with Absolute Education. If you want to know why, head to our main Course page and you'll find loads of reasons!


  • Remember, you have to do a White Card course (in a classroom) PRIOR to the OB course.
  • You can do the White Card course when you register for your OB course (there are over 20 classroom locations in NSW).

Simply click on ‘Get Started' below, complete a few basic details and either the lovely Gemma or Peter will complete the pieces of the puzzle for you.

NOTE: The OB Course cost is $185.00 payable when you pass (psst, everyone passes!).


Due to changes in legislation made on the 19th July 2019  by WorkSafe WA in conjunction with Safework NSW means you're no longer eligible to complete your White Card course online (only possible in WA).

If you go with another provider, please make sure whoever you go with is NOT offering the course online. Seriously, it's illegal.


As an Owner Builder in NSW, you need to tick a few boxes to get your build underway.

If you're at the start of the process, we highly recommend you contact your local Council planning office (see link below).

Here's an overview of the steps once you've spoken to Council and design plans are underway:

  • Complete the Owner Builder course and Construction Induction.
  • Get a Development Consent from your local council.
  • Apply for an Owner Builder permit (state link below).
  • Once you get your Owner Builder permit and before work can start, you need to obtain ‘Construction Approval' from either your local Council or through a Certifier.

To find more state government info – click here.

To find your local Council – click here.