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Deciding if owner building is for you? Already in the early stages? Ready to start digging?


It doesn’t matter what stage you’re currently at, access to this information will help.

THE BEST PART? It's been developed in consultation with not one but two registered builders!

A WARNING. Both builders, Mick and Neil harp on the fact that all builds are different and that means tweaks to the process.

It’s a brilliant guide that will give you a great overview of the build process!


+ You’re after a bulletproof process that will solve all your queries (it won't)

+ You live outside of Australia (building codes are different)

+ You're not genuinely an Owner Builder (why bother?)

Ready to get access?

Here's what you need to do:

+ Get access via the link below (it’s super easy)

+ Promise you'll read the ENTIRE Disclaimer (yes the tedious but important stuff) BEFORE you tick the box

+ Join our closed Facebook group – click here