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Yes, we really mean for FREE and it will stay that way!


+ Deciding if owner building is for you? Good.

+ Already in the early stages? Great.

+ Ready to start digging? Even better.

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re currently at, we know access to this FREE information is going to help.

The best part?

It's been developed together with ‘Mick the Master Builder‘ (it's our cheeky nickname for Michael Hill of Master Craft Builders).

But we do need to listen to Mick when he tells us that all builds are different and that means tweaks to the process here and there.

So what’s exactly on offer (for free)?

You'll be guided through each stage of the build, specifically,  you'll get access to:

+ First, a checklist of things to do to become an Owner Builder

+ The sequence of build broken down into stages – from site prep to completion

+ The trades and main materials required at each stage

+ A Quality Checklist by stage (including potential pitfalls)

+ Links that direct you to councils, state government and more!

Ahh, all this conveniently in the one place and all printable. Gotta love that!


The information is for a new build of a single story, concrete slab and timber frame house. It’s a brilliant guide that will give you a great overview of the build process!


+ You’re after a bulletproof process that will solve all your queries (it won't)

+ You live outside of Australia (building codes are different)

+ You're not genuinely an Owner Builder (why bother?)

Are you ready to get access (for free)?

Ok, the fun is over with the free thing, here's what you need to do:

+ Get access via the link below (it’s super easy)

+ Promise you'll read the ENTIRE Disclaimer (yes the tedious but important stuff) BEFORE you tick the box

+ Join our closed Facebook group – click here