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Trusses are an important part of a building structure and they are widely applied not only in building or home construction but also in making bridges, railways, etc.

If you need trusses in Melbourne, you need to know some important information about them, particularly their function and the different types of trusses.

Product Information

The primary function of roof trusses in Melbourne (or wherever your location is) is to give structure and support or reinforcement over large spans in buildings, meaning they provide the necessary lateral stability to a structure. With trusses, there is no allowance for the rotation of joints.

These web-shaped structures are designed to bear tremendous loads or weight. A truss generally comprises members, namely the top chord, bottom chord, vertical chord and diagonal chord. The size of the chord, as well as the web configuration, is determined by span, load and spacing.

Different Types of Trusses

There are different types of roof trusses used in house and building construction, including the following:

  • King-post truss: A king post (aka king-post or kingpost) is a central vertical post that works in tension to support a beam located below from a truss apex above. It can span up to 8 metres.
  • Crown-post truss: A traditional element of timber framing, a crown post truss stands on a tie beam or collar beam, to support a collar plate. It looks similar to the king post, but is different in a sense that it supports items above from the beam below.
  • Queen-post truss: Compared to a king post truss, a queen post can span longer openings. And instead of using only a central supporting post (as in the king post), the queen post truss uses two. It can have a span of up to 10 metres.
  • Pratt truss: This economical steel truss is quite popular because it is very economical. It has vertical and diagonal members sloping down towards the centre and can span lengths ranging between 6 and 10 meters.
  • Howe truss: This type of truss has upper and lower members, which usually comprises steel and wood or both. This kind of truss has a very wide reach and can cover about 6 to 30 metres.

There are other types of trusses in Melbourne not listed here. In fact, there are about 30 different types of roof trusses. Your decision to choose a certain type of truss depends primarily on the roof design.


1. Why do I need to use trusses in my house?
Framing your roof with wood trusses is an efficient and reliable way to build an economical and durable home. If you have a particular roof design in mind, roof trusses can be made to your exact specifications to achieve the style you want. No matter how complicated your roof or ceiling plan is, timber framing contractors can fabricate them for you.

2. What exactly do roof trusses do?
Roof trusses in Melbourne (and everywhere else) are critical structural building elements used in the construction of residential and commercial roofs. Wood trusses usually have a triangular shape and are comprised of pieces of lumber (or steel or both) held together with metal connector plates.

3. Are roof trusses more reliable than conventional framing methods?
Compared to stick-built home, roof trusses add undeniable quality to how your roof framing is done. Trusses are designed and built to span bigger distances than conventional frames, whilst making use of smaller dimensional lumber. They create a superior roof system that’s complete and has an excellent structural tie to the foundation and walls of your home.