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Truss Manufacturers

The use of prefabricated roof trusses has been a standard Australian building practice for decades. Prefabricated roof trusses are not only cost-effective but also certified according to Australian standards (AS 4440).

So, to ensure your roof structure is durable and stable, it’s best to collaborate with trusses manufacturers. With their assistance, you can get certified prefabricated trusses.

Trusses manufacturers can also advise you on the best truss type and materials to use based on the overall design of your house.

Product Information

Trusses are your primary roof framework. So, without them, this important component of your home won't stand or last. They can easily span 10 to 15 metres (and above) with no need for internal supports.

Trusses are especially important in homes with open-plan designs..

There are so many types of trusses, and it's up to you whether you want a simple or more ornate roof design. Whichever type you go for, trusses help make roofs durable, functional, cost-effective and beautiful.

Truss Variation

There are various kinds of roof trusses used in house and building construction. The following list includes the more popular types:

  • Howe scissors truss: This truss has an appearance resembling an opened pair of scissors. The bottom chords of a Howe scissors truss meet at the apex, so it essentially creates a pitched or vaulted ceiling.
  • Stepdown hip truss: This is a variant of the hip truss and has a similar slope as with standard trusses. However, it has a flat apex.
  • Gambrel roof truss: Similar to the so-called room-in-the-attic truss in terms of its usage and a built-in floor system, a gambrel roof truss has a barn-like aesthetic.  
  • Fink truss: This type of truss features a double V web configuration. It is popularly used in both pedestrian bridges and houses. 
  • Triple fink truss: The triple fink truss has the same pattern (double V web) as the fink truss, but the configuration is repeated three times on both sides. This is why the web configuration resembles three letter Vs

There are so many kinds of roof trusses. There are basic and simple types, as well as complicated ones. Of course, the type of truss you use should complement the design of your roof.


1. Do trusses manufacturers design custom trusses or truss systems?
Most trusses manufacturers accept custom truss design work that comes alongside fabrication requirements. This means that they’d be more than happy to design a truss system for you so long as they will also handle the fabrication of your trusses.

2. Are trusses expensive?
There are many kinds of trusses and they range from very simple to extremely complicated ones. The cost of trusses or a truss system would depend on the complexity of the design or style, its size, the purpose of the truss (decorative or functional) and the type of wood used. More complicated truss systems typically cost more due to the materials and labour required.

3. Which types of timber can be used for making trusses?
You’re usually free to select the kind of timber to use in your trusses, but this of course depends on your structural requirements. The common types of wood used in trusses include pine, Douglas fir, oak, hemlock, etc.