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Brick Suppliers in Sydney

Bricks are known for being durable, affordable and very low maintenance, making them a popular house building material. If you need high-quality bricks for your home construction project, you should consider working with reputable brick suppliers in Sydney.

Product Information

Bricks are a cost-effective option that provides structural security and efficiency to a home. Aside from being sustainable and natural (sourced from clay), bricks have remained a historically popular home building material due to their durability and colour stability. They are also great insulators, so you can use them to have an energy-efficient home.

You’ll be happy to know that bricks come in a range of colour and style palettes designed to suit every homeowner-builder’s design aesthetic. So, no matter the theme or design of your home, you’ll find the perfect ones you need from brick suppliers in Sydney.

Additionally, bricks are exceptionally strong and possess good sound absorption, so external noise won’t be a concern when you’re inside your brick home.

Different Types of Bricks & Dimensions

Brick suppliers in Sydney say that there is no right or wrong brick size. The decision to use one size of brick over the other mainly depends on the type of brick you want to use for your project. There are three basic types of bricks:
  • Face brick (76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide): The most common kind of brick is the face brick. It is a standard-sized brick generally used for building external walls. These lend a classic or industrial feel to a home. Face bricks are very durable as they are designed to be weatherproof, ready to withstand Australia’s extreme temperatures. Face bricks are considered to be resistant to mould as you'll never find any of it growing on these.
  • Two-course brick (162mm high x 290mm long x 90mm wide): Rising labour costs have led to the introduction of two-course bricks, which are an in-demand alternative to regular face bricks. Two-course bricks are two times higher than standard face bricks and are longer and narrower. 
  • Internal wall brick (162mm high x 305mm long x 90mm wide): Internal wall bricks that are larger (though less durable) than face bricks are used in double-brick homes. The size of these bricks reduces the time it takes to lay multiple bricks for the walls. Made exclusively for interior use, internal wall bricks are easy to cut to desired sizes, but they are not as weather-resistant as face bricks.


1. What is thermal lag with reference to bricks?
The term ‘thermal lag’ refers to the way bricks can absorb and release heat slowly. The ‘lag’ part refers to the slow process of heat release. This is why brick homes tend to be cooler in the summer and warmer during cold weather season.

2. How does the quality of bricks today compare with bricks that were made long ago?
While it’s true that some ancient brick structures continue to survive to this day, today’s bricks are significantly stronger than those. This is mainly because of advances in technology. Aside from being extremely durable, you can now choose from a wide range of textures and colours. Just ask brick suppliers in Sydney.

3. Is it okay to reuse bricks?
Of course, you can reuse bricks – provided that the bricks in question aren’t meant to work as face bricks or manufactured for use in saline environments.

4. Are bricks eco-friendly materials?
Of course. Bricks come from clay – an environmentally sustainable resource. As a bonus, the thermal mass of bricks helps to reduce your need to use artificial heating and cooling systems.