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Brick Suppliers in Melbourne | Quality Brick Suppliers in Melbourne

Brick Suppliers in Melbourne

Bricks are a popular house building material for a reason: they are strong, affordable and low maintenance. To get high-quality bricks for your home building project, make sure you work only with reputable brick suppliers in Melbourne.

Product Information

Bricks are a strong, sensible choice when it comes to house construction as they are known to provide structural security and efficiency.

Natural and eco-friendly, bricks are made from clay – a natural resource that’s been used for centuries for its colour, stability and durability. Moreover, bricks today already come in different colour and style palettes, so no matter the design of your home, you’re sure to find the best brick to suit the design or theme of your home from brick suppliers in Melbourne.

Bricks are cost-effective building materials that also perform well as part of intelligent passive building design elements. This will help you achieve an energy-efficient home throughout the year. They are also relatively maintenance-free. They also possess exceptional strength and sound absorption, so any type of external noise won’t interfere with your every day.

Different Types of Bricks & Dimensions

Depending on the type of brick you are using, there are different sizes available from brick suppliers in Melbourne. And while there are many kinds of bricks out there, the more general grouping boils down to three basic types of bricks:

  • Face brick: The face brick is a standard-sized brick and the most common of its kind. It is generally used on external walls and can give a home a classic or industrial look. It is also extremely durable, so it can withstand the extreme temperatures in Australia. Mould also doesn’t seem to like face brick as it doesn’t grow on it. Size: 76mm high x 230mm long x 110mm wide.
  • Internal wall brick: Double-brick homes feature larger internal wall bricks to make it less time-consuming to lay multiple bricks for building the walls. Since they are made for interior use, internal wall bricks are more affordable and not as weatherproof as face bricks. They are also easier to cut to the desired sizes and are plastered over the top of external face bricks. Size: 162mm high x 305mm long x 90mm wide.
  • Two-course brick: As a solution to the high costs of labour, two-course bricks are now a popular choice to standard face bricks. Two-course bricks are two times the height of standard face bricks. They are also longer and a bit narrower. Size: 162mm high x 290mm long x 90mm wide.


1. Is there a correct or recommended ratio for mortar mix to be used in brickwork?
A common mix ratio is to mix one part cement, one part lime and six parts sand or apply the M3 1:1:6 formula. However, there are seven other mix options you can choose from based on Australian standards. Do note that the one containing lime is highly recommended because this ingredient improves the durability of mortar, making it less prone to cracks.

2. What is ‘efflorescence’ in bricks?
According to brick suppliers in Melbourne, efflorescence is the white, salty powder that you sometimes see on bricks. This usually comes from the salts naturally found in cement and mortar. This powder is totally harmless and disappears over time. If it bothers you, just brush it off. However, you’re likely to find it again if there is still an active salt source.

3. When is the best time to clean new brickwork?
Cleaning the brickwork as it is being laid is your best opportunity to ensure mortar smears are removed before they harden. You can remove it with a scrubbing brush, water and a sponge. If you allow the mortar to harden, you may need to resort to acid cleaning.