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For $129, get clear and make an informed decision!

For $49, get a checklist of actions before getting to the actual build!

For $89, get the step-by-step build process by stage of build!

Want to know whether you’ve been quoted a good price for bricks?

Whether YOU can lay the pipes before your plumber comes on site?

How about confirming what’s a good price for a Building Surveyor?

Or maybe you want to vent your frustration and know it’s a normal part of the process?


Well, we reckon you should join our growing community of Australian based Owner Builders! Because you'll find these answers and then some.

We want you to know that we’re very protective of our little community.

We keep those sneaky tradies and suppliers at bay so you’re not hassled with them selling their wares!

And there are a few super stars in the group who are well underway with their project and are up for sharing their experience.

After reading that, why wouldn’t you want to join?