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Does an Owner Builder Need a White Card?

Do you need a White Card?

Embarking on an Owner Builder journey in Australia is an exciting adventure that allows you to create your dream home, your way. In all the excitement, you may not have yet thought about the necessity of holding a White Card.

In this article, we'll delve into the world of White Cards specific to Owner Builders, shedding light on whether you need one for your construction project.

What is a White Card?

A White Card, also known as a Construction Induction Card, is a certification that serves as proof of completing a General Construction Induction Training. This training equips individuals with essential knowledge about occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations and safe work practices on construction sites.

Who offers the course?

Our preferred and recommended course provider is Absolute Education. The delivery of the course, online or in-person, will depend on the state you're building in. Read on for more info…

White Card Requirement for Owner Builders

Here's a breakdown of the White Card requirements by state. Noting that obtaining a White Card, together with your Owner Builder Course is what allows you to get the required Owner Builder Permit/Licence so without a White Card, you won't be able to proceed:

  1. New South Wales: Owner Builders in NSW are required to hold a White Card and must attend a one day face-to-face workshop.
  2. Victoria: Owner Builders in Vic are required to get a White Card and it must be done face-to-face (not online).
  3. Queensland: Queensland Owner Builders need to obtain a White Card and must attend a classroom or via Connected Real Time Delivery.
  4. Western Australia: Owner Builders in WA are required to obtain a White Card and can do so via an online course.
  5. South Australia: it's not a mandate in South Australia to have a White Card.
  6. Tasmania: Owner Builders in Tasmania are required to obtain a White Card with the option of doing a course online OR in a classroom.
  7. Australian Capital Territory: ACT Owner Builders must obtain a White Card and the course must be done face-to-face.

Advantages of Holding a White Card

Remember, when it comes to being an Owner Builder, the buck stops with you. You're the builder. Therefore, it's worth keeping in mind the advantages of obtaining a White Card:

  1. Safety Knowledge: Completing the training required for a White Card enhances your understanding of safety practices which is critical on a construction site.
  2. Site Entry: If you plan to visit construction sites or engage in other construction-related activities, holding a White Card can be beneficial.
  3. Relevance to Future Projects: If you plan to engage in construction activities beyond your Owner Builder project, having a White Card can be advantageous.

Safety on-site

Prioritising safety on your building site is critical and understanding the relevant regulations is essential.

In Summary:

So before starting your Owner Builder project, understand the specific requirement for  your state and always be mindful of prioritising safe practices and compliance with local regulations to ensure a successful owner building journey.

Happy researching, planning and maybe Owner Building 🏡

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