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How to Manage Your Build

How to manage a build

NEWSFLASH! So much more coming on this topic. Be sure to pop back again shortly!

In the meantime, have you read through the ‘The Building Process’?

If not, it’s an excellent starting point because it gives you an overview of the build stages and will therefore help you to manage your build.

But here’s what we have about managing your build.

The more knowledge you have, the better your experience

Yes, here we go again – knowledge and power.

The better organised you are, the better your experience

You’re the boss. If the boss doesn’t have his finger on the pulse at all times then things are going to hit the fan. You need to be organised (full stop) and you need to plan, plan, plan!

Good communication skills are essential

The success of your project will be impacted by how well you communicate with everyone involved. And further, how well you maintain those relationships.

The better your relationships, the better you’ll be able to solve problems or disputes as they arise (and they will arise).

Now head to ‘The Building Process’ and read more.


When problems do arise, try focus on the solution vs the problem. This will help manage stress levels and result in a speedier outcome. Time is of essence.