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First Things First – Buying Your House in NSW

Living your life in a house that is your own is many people's dream.

Many people think that buying a land and then building your own home is always more exciting than buying an established home. The former enables building a house as per your needs, capability and in a way you always imagined it.

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing land:

Do your research

Don't rush your decision, have a good look around first. The land might be the land of your dreams but is it feasible? Does the land bring to you all the basic amenities?

Basic facilities like the supermarket, railway station, bus stop, schools, hospitals, parks, gyms, swimming centres. Amidst all this, safety and security is also important. 

Consider costs

Find out the costs of needs like water supply, electricity, gas pipelines, drainage systems. Observe your surroundings. Check whether the land you wish to purchase in is prone to floods or lies in the low lying areas. Keep an account of whether there are trees on the land or rocks that need to be removed. Cutting down of trees is expensive and you will require an permission to do so.

Observe the nature of the land, does it rest on a steep slope? This can add to building costs. Examine the features of your land. Which direction could you build to maximise the sun?

Know More About Cost: Click Here

Future development

People often get caught out by this so it's well worth doing your research to see if any major development applications are in progress such as new roads or train services, petrol stations, mobile phone towers, even mining sites or commercial construction.

Buying land and building a home comes with stress. It's wise to make sure you get off on the right foot and that's choosing land that meets all your requirements.

So think it through. Know what you want and what you don't want. Talk to local real estate agents, council members, local shop owners. It's well worth it!

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