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Checklist before Applying for Owner Builder Permit in Australia

To become an owner-builder in Australia , you must obtain owner-builder approval from the Building Commission. Before you apply, you should determine whether you need development approval or if your development has exemptions from development and/or building approval. You should understand owner-builder responsibilities, which contain having building approval allotted for the work before the owner-builder license can be issued. Once you have an owner-builder license, you need to get a commencement notice to begin building.

What you can build: You can build or renew your house or build ancillary structures around the residence such as decks, provided the building work is on your main home. You cannot install a swimming pool, thrash a building or complete work on a commercial building. You do not have permission to build a secondary dwelling unit under an Owner Builder license.

Eligibility: Only an individual can apply for an owner-builder license. He or she must own the land to be developed. The other eligibility criteria are as follows:
a. At least 18 years of age
b. Hold a current construction induction training card
c. Complete an approved owner-builder course if the work is valued at $20,000; and
d. Pay any required fees


Complete the Owner Builder Permit Application Form and include:
a. Registration Confirmation Statement
b. Proof of identity
c. application fee
d. Proof of a completed owner builder course


Lease Rules: If you’re living on land under a lease, you can apply for a permit. Provide the following detail with your permit application:
a. A Copy of lease agreement
b. Landowner detail
If you are looking to apply on behalf of your company: Ensure that you include the names and signatures of all company directors on the application form

Approval Time: Owner builder application processing time takes up to 3-4 weeks to process an application in order to obtain a certificate of consent. You can only have one owner builder permit every 6 years.

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