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Beginners Guide for Owner Builders in Queensland

If you're not already an experienced tradesperson than you're going to have plenty to learn which is exciting!

Starting with a beginner’s mind is sound advice, even when it comes to the process of being an owner builder. By assuming you know nothing is a great mindset right from the beginning.

So what makes a great Owner Builder?

The Owner Builder courses will give you a great understanding of the requirements of being one.

But in addition to what's covered in a course, to be a successful owner builder, you need to have great communication skills as well as be a great project manager. The good news is these skills can be learned – all you need is an open mind.

Another important aspect of being an owner builder in QLD is commitment. Commitment to carrying out the wide range of responsibilities that come with the task.

Then comes a really important part – Plan. Plan. Plan.

  1. Plan the cost.
  2. Plan the time you'll need to complete your project.
  3. Before even commencing with the project, estimate the resources you have at hand.
  4. Know your limitations and boundaries. Don’t try to do the work beyond your limits. First, there are chances that you might mess up and second, you will be compromising on the quality of the build.
  5. Plan your tradespeople. For work to be done efficiently and on time, they should be clear about what needs to be done and by when.

There's also the list of responsibilities an owner builder carries:

  1. Take care of your labourers – they're completing the work for the biggest investment in your life. 
  2. Take time to make any decisions – make sure you understand what you need to in order to make informed decisions. And try to remove emotion!
  3. Supervise the work – be present onsite. This is your baby. Engage in the process. Importantly, ensure the health and safety of all workers on your building site!
  4. Remember – this is YOUR build. YOU have the responsibility of everything that happens onsite. You're the boss and the buck stops with you.

If you haven't yet considered an Owner Builder course, visit our courses page in Queensland – CLICK HERE.

Happy dreaming, planning and potentially building!

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