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The Checklist

REALLY IMPORTANT – this is a great list of the actions required to become an Owner Builder. You may need to make a few tweaks particularly after your conversation with Council. It's worth getting into the habit of writing things down!

Start by understanding what you can afford and start a rough budget If you haven't already got it, click here to download our Budget Planner!
If you require Finance, now's the time to make initial contact with your Bank or Mortgage Broker To get a complete run down on all things Finance, refer to Links section for Q&A on Finance
Speak to your local council Understand EVERYTHING required by Council to be an Owner Builder. This includes everything you need to do to build on your land (assuming you have land). Don't leave this til later
Engage an Architect, Building Designer or Draftsperson Engage a professional with the intention of getting final plans. You need plans to submit the Development Application (DA) to Council and to get your Building Permit.
Conduct a Site Analysis This can be coordinated by your Architect/Designer/Draftsperson and is required to support your Development Application (DA)
Submit Development Application You'll know how to go about this because of your discussion with your local council OR your Architect/Designer will help you through the process (you should have final plans by now). Once approved by Council, you'll be issued with a Construction Certificate. Rules differ by state!
Engage a Building Surveyor/Certifier (Council or Private) The Surveyor/Certifier plays an important role throughout the build (become friends). This person will carry out the mandatory inspections required at each stage. Also discuss waterproofing inspection (it's mandatory in some states and not others) but an inspection might be worth it to avoid costly issues in the future Can be done earlier
Engage a Quantity Surveyor (if required) A Quantity Surveyor can assist IF you need help with costing the project (will help finalise your budget). Alternatively, your carpenter or supplier maybe able to help with costings.
Organise required Insurances Refer to Links section for Insurance related information Can be done earlier
Do an Owner Builder Course and get a White Card (differs by state) Requirements differ by State – refer to Links section Can be done earlier
Apply for your Owner Builder Permit This application is done via your state government – requirements differ by state. Check Links section for state links.
Get a Building Permit from your local council Requirements may differ by Council – check with your Certifier – information required may include Owner Builder Permit; final plans; Certificate of Compliance
Final checks by Building Certifier You may need a Start Work Notification/Construction Certificate (from DA) and other permits such as plumbing
Organise trades It's vital that you start locking in your trades and understand their timeframes for commencement of work (refer Order of Trades) Can be done earlier
Suppliers Start getting quotes, choose suppliers and start pre-ordering materials to be delivered by the start date of the required trade (refer Trades and Materials overview) Can be done earlier