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When it comes to educating our community of Owner Builders, we don’t settle for less than the best and we’ve […]
If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering what a Quantity Surveyor actually does, you’ll be an expert by the time […]
Meet Kirrily. Kirrily openly shares her experience of building a new home on the beautiful Sunshine Coast through the traditional […]
Meet Rhys Hood, a Building Certifier with My Building Certifier in NSW. Rhys has generously provided great insight into the […]
Did you read our last Q&A with Paul Blake from MoneyQuest Finance Specialists? The one where Paul went into great […]
Meet Andrew Remely. A Canberra based qualified Building Designer and a member of the Building Designers Association of Australia. His […]
Meet Melbourne based Owner Builder, Mark. Mark is in the throws of doubling the size of a 1970’s single story, […]
Meet Sydney based Owner Builder, Alex who saved tens of thousands of dollars by buying his windows for his custom […]
Meet Sam. A Firefighter and Owner Builder. Sam is in the process of adding a 2nd story to his 70’s […]
This month we spoke with the lovely Karen (husband John is also a part of the team) who is working […]

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