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Owner Builders Course NSW

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Are you searching for the best owner builders course NSW?  To start with you are required to obtain the White Card, which let you to work safely in the construction industry.

Web-based Owner Builders Course NSW White card online training

When it comes to safety concerns, and online safety courses there are various websites through which you can gain certificates and get qualified. The construction induction training is well known throughout the country and enables you to work on construction sites through NSW and Sydney.

About Owner Builders Course NSW

Before beginning to work on any construction site in Sydney or throughout the NSW, it is a pre- requirement to complete the white card course. It is a legal requirement and makes it clear that you have the knowledge needed on the construction site. The training makes you acquainted on a number of vital safety concerns and industry health.

White card is an online option which is an effective way to assure that gain qualifications without being inconvenienced by long hours sitting in the classroom.

Owner Builders Course NSW information

Construction training is also known as “White Card” and teaches people the skills and knowledge described in the unit of competency CPCCOHS 1001.

The White Card course topics includes,

  • WHS Legislation
  • Risk Management on a construction site
  • Incident and emergency procedures.

There are various elements that assure the effective and safe construction of the domestic building. The online builder course offers people building in the NSW the chance to ensure that they possess all the necessary knowledge, skills, and qualifications for this course.

The owner builder course is made up of 5 Nationally Recognised Units of competency

  • CPCCM2001A Apply OHS requirements, procedures and policies in the construction industry.
  • CPCCM2001A Interpret and read plans and specifications
  • CPCCM1011A Undertake basic costing and estimation and costing
  • CPCCM1013A Plan and organise work

If you have done any of the above courses you are eligible for recognition of pre learning. The course is approved by NSW office of Fair Trading and is required to take the obtain Owner Builder Permit in NSW.

NSW course can satisfy the legislation in respect to safety and principal contractors. The White card is a prerequisite to obtain an owner builder permit in New South Wales.

Owner Builders Course NSW will help you to-

  • Understand the responsibilities as an owner builder
  • Provide you with the best opportunity to save thousands of dollars building or renovating your own home.
  • Access all the information you require during the construction of your home
  • Use the tools that provide to complete the project on time with budget.
  • Avoid the troubles that are associated with building your own home

While doing the courses you can become the part of the owner builder community, discussion forums, and can be updated with latest in owner builder activities. It is a very well organized and informative course to become an owner builder. The course is of great value and can provide support throughout the project.

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