Owner Builders Checklist in Western Australia

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Owner Builders Checklist in Western Australia

Owning a home can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Whether you are renovating your home or making general outdoor improvements to entertain guests at your property, choosing one of the reliable owner builders gives you control of the construction project. However, an owner builder must also undertake a lot of responsibility and make important decisions throughout the entire building process.

Building a home consists of a variety of tasks to be as successful as the owner builder needs a strong knowledge base and skills above the building, including project planning, monitoring, financial management and communication. If you become an owner builder yourself, it may turn out to be extremely beneficial in the long run. Go through the following list to know what exactly to do in Western Australia.

Essential Owner Builder Checklist

  • If the project value exceeds $ 16,000, you must apply for a Victorian Building Authority (VBA) by submitting a completed application form and fees. You will need to fill up form 75, which is the application form for becoming owner builders. This form, received after payment of a fee, is necessary to obtain approval from the Building Commission to show your competency as a builder.
  • A Certificate of Consent can only be granted to owner builders who own the property/land where the building work will be carried out and who intend to live at the residence once the project is completed.
  • Once you have received a consent form and submitted all other relevant documents approved and the construction manager can grant a construction permit for the project.
  • You may only carry out one owner builder project every three years as the property owner

You can apply for an Owner Builder Permit:

  • Online, if you’re eligible.
  • In person at a service centre. To find out if you qualify and download the appropriate forms, use the proprietary self-assessment tool before going to a service centre. You can book an appointment to apply at a service centre.

To be eligible to apply for an Owner Builder Permit:

  • You are over 18
  • You have a current construction training card
  • You have a Council Development Application (DA) approval number and/or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) approval number
  • Completion of owner builder compliance rate or equivalent accreditation if construction cost $ 20,000 or more
  • The construction work has not been started
  • You own the land or a lease registered for more than 3 years
  • The property is not part of a multi-dwelling strata complex
  • You live on the property after construction is complete

6 Steps to becoming an owner builder

  • Develop your plans with an architect or accredited manufacturers and decide if you want to be an owner builder.
  • Take your completed plans for topography construction and tell them that you intend to own a builder.
  • Ask the building surveyor to get approval from the Director of Building Control for you to act as an owner builder. The building surveyor will help you complete a form. Bring training certificates and send them to the consumer, construction and professional services.
  • If the owner builder licence is granted, the construction control director will issue a certificate with a registration number. The construction manager will then give you a certificate of likely compliance.
  • You must now request a building permit from your town hall. You must include the following with your application for owner builder in WA:
    • All important documents. These include approval from the Building Services Board prior to the application for a building permit from the local government
    • A certificate of registration owner-builder; and
    • The Certificate of Likely Compliance.
  • Before beginning construction, it is necessary to make a rule by the judicial authority or local council available construction available to your clients.

As an owner builder, you are responsible for:

  • Obtain the pertinent permissions from your local council
  • Appointed as owner builder on construction permits
  • A certificate of approval of the VBA before the national construction of more than $ 16,000
  • Conversion of a client and issuance of construction permits, execution of works contracts and issue of an occupation permit (for new construction) or certificate (for renovation) after completion
  • Ensure that the work complies with building codes, standards and other laws
  • Organize construction projects, as they are required by law at certain stages of construction
  • Acquisition of National Insurance if it sells within six years after receipt of the final inspection certificate or an occupancy license
  • Provision of a defect inspection report if it sells within six years and six months after receipt of the certificate of occupancy certificate or license.

Remember that owner builders permit in WA can only be issued to individuals, and not companies or corporations. The Australian government is very severe on defaulters, so make sure you follow the regulations, which may not be in effect at the start but will definitely be visible in the later stages.  

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