Owner Builder Course in TAS

Tasmanian laws for Owner Builders are intended to secure and bolster Owner Building. It is critical you get comfortable with your commitments as an Owner Builder.

The appraisal criteria are proprietorship or buy of the area to be based on, the applicant(s) must not have officially constructed two structures as an Owner Builder in a 10 year time frame. (Aside from any Class 10 Buildings or 7b Farm Buildings), and is not in the matter of building.

In the event that an Owner Builder means to do any household (Classes 1-9 of the Building Code of Australia characterization framework) that requires a building allow and surpasses $5,000, then that Owner Builder should be enlisted. This work incorporates adjustments or augmentations to a building. You're building surveyor must apply to the Director for a registration number.

There are types of owner builder work that are exempt from registration, which includes:

  • Work that does not need a building permit from the council.
  • Work is $5,000 or less (cost of labour and materials).
  • Work on any Class 10 buildings or structures (e.g. non habitable buildings such as garages, carports, sheds and farm buildings).
  • Owner Builder must obtain a ‘White Card’ from an approved training provider.


Absolute Education

Absolute Education


ABSOLUTE Education Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #91521) that has been delivering Owner Builder education for the last ten years and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and cost effective training to owner builders.




ABE Education



ABE Education is an accredited provider of construction industry training programs specialising in owner builder courses, construction safety and the continuing professional development of building professionals (CPD).