Owner Builder NT

Owner Builders must finish an application through the Builders Practitioners Board for all works esteemed at more than $12,000. Owner Builders can just embrace single private undertakings and are confined from units/duplexes or business works. This does exclude a shed, parking space, carport, or including another room inside the current building. Owner Builders must read the Manual and sign the affirmation before securing an application for Owner –Builder Certificate.

Owner Builders must be the proprietor of the property, all names on title must be named on the Owner Builder grant. Proprietor Builder can apply for one permit at regular interval specifically every six years. Must acquire private building Insurance spread before beginning development. Must, no later than 14 day after fruition of building work, make a legitimately restricting presentation that the building work has been done as per the Building Permit and give a duplicate of that statement to the building rectifier to empower the issue of an inheritance grant.


Abacus Training



In the Northern Territory, there is no requirement to complete a formal course of instruction  for the issue of an owner builder permit.  Abacus Training does suggest you do the course to make certain you have a full understanding of your responsibilities as an Owner Builder.