Engaging in an owner building project requires you to do sufficient research and proper planning. To ensure your ideas are well organized, you need to have a diary or scrapbook for collecting information, planning for materials and scheduling tasks. An Owner Builder Checklist is essential for such undertakings.

Here are 7 things you need to include in your owner builder checklist:

  1. Read Articles Online About Owner Builder Processes
  2. Find A Reputable Building Architect To Help You Draw Up The Plan. You can make the initial design-drawings and then discuss with your designer on the best plan to adopt.
  3. Contact Your Local Authority To Find Out About Building Inspection. Be sure to inquire from the On Duty Building Inspection’ team about all the information you need to submit for Development Application (DA). You’ll also need to read through the council documents to get insight of what’s really required. Upon submitting the DA and getting approval, the next step will be submitting your building plans in order to obtain a construction certificate.
    Note: Ensure you include any specified conditions to your DA application where necessary. You can always submit both the DA and CC applications together if you’re certain the construction is going to be simple and safe.
  4. Find Out About Local Construction Requirements And Environmental Regulations. Read through the Development Control Plans (DCP’s) requirements and the local environmental Plans (LEPs) regulations or any other documents from the local council or regulatory body. Be sure to ask the council of all the documents pertaining to property development.
  5. Tender You Construction Plans: Upon getting approval on your DA and CC drawings, the next step should be putting your plans out for tender. Here you need to specify your building plans with all the details and finishes.
    Note: It is important for you to choose contractors based on their price offer and communication skills. After selecting the winning bid, you can go ahead to discuss cost saving plans. Discussing cost saving plans during quoting can only make the process of comparing quotes difficult.
  6. Obtain Owner Builders License and Home Warranty Insurance. After knowing your total construction cost and choosing your desired contractors or trades persons, the next need on your owner builder checklist is to obtain the Owner Builder License and Home Warranty Information. You can search online apply for these documents.
  7. Start Preparing The Construction Site. Upon getting all the documents from the local authority and housing regulatory bodies, you need to make the site ready for building. Read more about the building process just to get a perfect headstart.
  8. Starting and completing a home building project can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Once you have your owner builder checklist, you can keep track of the things you need for proper management of the project. That will ensure you encounter no surprises as everything is planned for.