Owner Building is a real adventure and one of the biggest investment of a lifetime. Your hard earned money, your home, your family. It's for these reasons, why an Owner Builder should consider getting owner builder insurance. 

The Owner Builder Club DOES NOT endorse Owner Builder Insurers. Whilst we provide names of Insurer's, it's super important that you do your homework.



With over 30 years ‘insurance for builders’ experience ‘The Builders Broker’ is the preferred insurance broker for construction and trades businesses of all sizes. Building a New Home or Renovating? Insurance advice for owner builders here.


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Coverforce All Risk delivers hassle-free insurance at competitive rates. No sign-up needed, no waiting to hear from a telemarketer. Efficient, quick, and extremely competitive project insurance quotes delivered to you within minutes, 24 hours a day.


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If you are an owner builder or considering becoming one, you have come to the right place. We have designed this site so owner builders can get the right information about all aspects of becoming an owner builder with a very specific emphasis on insurance.


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BuildSafe Insurance Brokers provide specialised insurance for builders, owner builders, renovators, tradesmen and building industry professionals to keep the wheels in motion.


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Aussie offers a comprehensive mortgage broking service to compare hundreds of home loan rates & find a great deal that's right for you. Aussie has a great range of its own home loans, whatever your situation.


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CoverFirst makes insurance purchase simple, providing affordable easy to to understand insurance protection. CoverFirst saves you time and money by going direct to the insurer whilst giving you access and control of your insurance policy at a time that suits you.

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Owner Building Insurance

Owner Building Insurance

According to www.investopedia.com “Insurance is a form of risk management in which the insured transfers the cost of potential loss to another entity in exchange for monetary compensation known as the premium.”

Owner builder insurance allows owner builders to ensure themselves against critical potential misfortunes and money related hardship at a sensibly reasonable rate. It can’t be denied that being an Owner Builder means there are significant risks involved in a demanding stream of owner building. Getting insurance is your best option to be protected from such adversities.

It's anything but difficult to neglect point of interest while considering insurance, however when a sad occurrence or catastrophe happens (and that is the purpose behind getting an insurance) you need somebody who knows attention to detail. Having insurance is one thing you can depend on. Peace of mind, correct?

Not all insurances are the same and not all are Owner Builder friendly. Here’s a brush of what you might expect to give you some light in the world of Owner builder insurance;

Construction insurance protects the owner builder during the building process, including malicious damage/vandalism, theft, fire damage, storm, wind and water damage.

www.buildsafe.com.au stresses out that you should watch out for the following as Owner Builders can be a victim of under-insure trap.

What else to watch for?

  • Most policies on the market are builder policies, and the insurer does not want to make the owner builder specific because of the cost. Therefore they include such things as blasting or explosives, maintenance, underground works etc… which you are being charged for.
  • Will you be storing appliances, tiles etc off site, make sure the policy covers – principal (you) supplied materials
  • Are subbies covered? Most policies do NOT cover subcontractors that you employ on site, that is it VITAL that you check their Public Liability insurance policy to make sure it is current, preferably keep a copy, to help you.

With a major project, it is vital that your interest in both time and cash is secured against any significant issues. It is in this way key you have satisfactory development and open liability insurance cover set up and without a doubt, on the off chance that you are getting to back your task; you will be required as a state of your home loan to have the cover in place.