First Things First – Buying Your House in NSW

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Living your life in a house that is your own is every person’s dream. It feels relishing and satisfied from within when you breathe air in your own house. Many people think that buying a land and then building your own home over it is always beneficial and comfortable rather than buying a home. The former enables building a house as per your needs, capability and in a way you always imagined it. In such cases, two options persist – you can first buy the land and then build your home as per the attributes of the land or vice versa. Here too, the former is favourable since land options are limited but home designs vary.

Factors to Keep In Mind While Purchasing a Land:

Remember, haste makes waste. Just because you wish to buy a land and build a house over it, look around first. The land might be the land of your dreams but is it feasible? Does the land bring to you all the basic amenities? Not sure? Look out for it now!

Basic facilities and destination like the supermarket, railway station, bus stop, auto rickshaw or taxi stand, schools, hospitals, parks, gyms, swimming centres should be near your house. Amidst all this, safety and security is of prime importance. Public transport is really, really important if you work and have to travel for it. Life should be easy and at peace. Plan and look out for a land accordingly.

Also research and find out the costs of basic needs like water supply, electricity, gas pipelines, drainage systems and even the groceries and how costs and rates over there vary. Observe your surroundings. Check whether the land you wish to purchase in prone to floods or lies in the low lying regions. Keep an account of whether there are trees in on that land or rocks that need to be removed. Cutting down of trees is expensive and you will require an official permission to do so. You obviously do not want to get accused as a nature’s destructor, do you? Observe the nature of the land, does it rest on a steep slope? Take time and think whether you can make the required arrangements or no? Examine the features of your land. If possible, your land should be facing north to allow some sun to come in through your window panes.

For carrying out the construction activities, you need first clear the owner builder pre-requisites of concerned authorities and for that its better to take owner builder courses of respective states of Australia like QLD, NSW, WA etc. There is going to be a lot of stress going in and out of your brain for a few months. You do not want to add some more to it, right? Choose a land that is easy accessible to all of these.

Make it a point of keeping all the services and all your needs handy. You are going to live there till you find a new home. So, keep patience and make the right choice.

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