Know the risks of an owner builder in Australia

An individual who is authorised to undertake owner builder work as per a permit from NSW Fair Trading in Australia can be termed as an owner builder here. The work includes construction, alterations, additions or repairs (inclusive of coordination and supervision) for a dwelling. The following two conditions must be fulfilled here:

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Checklist before Applying for Owner Builder Permit in Australia

To become an owner-builder in Australia , you must obtain owner-builder approval from the Building Commission. Before you apply, you should determine whether you need development approval or if your development has exemptions from development and/or building approval. You should understand owner-builder responsibilities, which contain having building approval allotted for the work before the owner-builder license can be issued. Once you have an owner-builder license, you need to get a commencement notice to begin building.

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Ways to Avail Owner Builder Courses in WA

ways of owner builder courses

An owner builder is a person who takes the responsibility for any building work carried out on their land or property. Their work may include any supervision or co-ordination required during construction, alteration or repair of the dwellings. As an owner builder, you need to apply for building permits, ensure that the construction work meets building regulations and guidelines and also ensure the work is completed on schedule. However, before all that you need to apply for an owner builder course.
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Various Responsibilities of an Owner Builder

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, owner builder is a homeowner who takes on the responsibility of managing the construction project instead of hiring a professional contractor to handle the task. By taking on this responsibility, the owner builder ultimately succeeds in saving money and getting absolute control of the project in their hands. Although there are many perks and benefits that one can gain by going down this route, at the same time, the owner builder also has to shoulder many responsibilities in order to effectively execute the project at hand. Let us explore some responsibilities of an owner builder to get a better understanding of the concept. Read more